I am moving to Finland

This is what I was packing for

18 Jan, 2023

2022 in review

Late again because I was busy packing

14 Jan, 2023

Installing OpenBSD on Oracle Cloud

It finally works in 7.2!

24 Nov, 2022

Unicode text input in ZMK

A hacky interim solution using macros

18 Oct, 2022

The Logitech Ergo M575 trackball

A short review of my first ever trackball

01 Jul, 2022

Honkin' on the Fly

Running honk on fly.io

25 May, 2022

The Asus ROG Flow X13

My hunt for a new laptop has finally concluded

02 May, 2022

Cloud (F)OSS is a good model

On building (mostly) open source startups

07 Feb, 2022

2021 in review

The post-year ramble is here, slightly late this time

10 Jan, 2022

Signal Desktop on OpenBSD via vmm(4)

X11 forwarding to the rescue

26 Dec, 2021

The quest to optimize productivity

This blog is devolving into a techbro cliché

04 Nov, 2021

How I built forlater.email

A technical breakdown of my first big side-project

25 Sep, 2021

Launching forlater.email

An email-based bookmarking service

17 Sep, 2021

I can't take Formula E seriously

Toy cars racing in parking lots

16 Aug, 2021

Writing a shell prompt in Go

Kinda faster than bash

12 Aug, 2021

Make cgit go gettable

go get git.icyphox.sh/* works!

14 Jul, 2021

Setting up a multi-arch Kubernetes cluster at home

My self-hosted infra, given the cloud native™ treatment

19 Jun, 2021

Status update

A review of Q1 2021

10 May, 2021

Free software should not censor

If you write free software, don't deny freedom zero

07 Apr, 2021

Configuring Neovim using Lua

And switching from init.vim to init.lua

07 Feb, 2021

We can do better than Signal

Centralized silos are never the solution

17 Jan, 2021

What's next after WhatsApp?

Let's not act surprised here, this was bound to happen

08 Jan, 2021

2020 in review

Oh boy, here we go

24 Dec, 2020

My music streaming setup

Think Spotify, but self-hosted and not as good

13 Dec, 2020

The Workman keyboard layout

I have a lot of free time on my hands (heh)

24 Oct, 2020

My submissions for r2wars 2020

If I learnt one thing, it's that ARM is the future

13 Sep, 2020

Migrating from Mastodon to Pleroma

Mastodon bad. Pleroma good.

04 Sep, 2020

The Ducky One 2 SF

I fell for the mechanical keyboard meme

22 Aug, 2020

Some thoughts on Twitter

I've begun avoiding Twitter, here's why

03 Aug, 2020

Status update

Things I've been up to, for the past month-ish

20 Jul, 2020

Flask-JWT-Extended × Flask-Login

Apparently I do webshit now

24 Jun, 2020

You don't need news

My hot 'n' spicy take on "news" today

21 Jun, 2020

Migrating to the RPi

Raspberry Pi shenanigans, and other things

04 Jun, 2020

Site changes

New stuff at the {back,front}end

27 May, 2020

The efficacy of deepfakes

Can we really write it off as "not a threat"?

11 May, 2020

Simplicity (mostly) guarantees security

This is why I meme mnmlsm so much

07 May, 2020

The S-nail mail client

And how to achieve a usable configuration for IMAP/SMTP

06 May, 2020

Stop joining mastodon.social

Do you even understand federation?

05 May, 2020

OpenBSD on the HP Envy 13

I put a blowfish in my laptop this week

17 Apr, 2020

The Zen of KISS Linux

My thoughts on the distro, the philosophy and my experience in general

03 Apr, 2020

Introducing mael

An experimental mail client

29 Mar, 2020

COVID-19 disinformation

A lot of actors cashing in on the epidemic

15 Mar, 2020

Nullcon 2020

An opinion-filled review of Nullcon Goa, 2020

09 Mar, 2020

Setting up Prosody for XMPP

I setup Prosody yesterday—here's how I did it

18 Feb, 2020

Status update

New year…new stuff?

18 Jan, 2020

Vimb: my Firefox replacement

Web browsing, suckless style

16 Jan, 2020

Five days in a TTY

I installed KISS Linux

13 Jan, 2020

2019 in review

A look back at last year

02 Jan, 2020

Disinfo war: RU vs GB

A look at Russian info ops against Britain

12 Dec, 2019

Instagram OPSEC

Operational security for the average zoomer

02 Dec, 2019

Save .ORG!

PIR is getting sold to a private firm, and here's why it's bad

23 Nov, 2019

Status update

Exams, stuff, etc.

16 Nov, 2019

IRC for DMs

Honestly, it's pretty great

03 Nov, 2019

The intelligence conundrum

To protect an asset, or to protect the people?

28 Oct, 2019

Hacky scripts

The most fun way to learn to code

24 Oct, 2019

Status update

Not weekly anymore, but was it ever?

17 Oct, 2019

PyCon India 2019 wrap-up

Pretty fun weekend, I'd say

15 Oct, 2019

Thoughts on digital minimalism

Put that screen down!

05 Oct, 2019

Status update

Alpine Linux shenaningans and more

27 Sep, 2019

Status update

A brief on what happened last week

17 Sep, 2019

Disinformation demystified

Misinformation, but deliberate

10 Sep, 2019

Setting up my personal mailserver

This is probably a terrible idea…

15 Aug, 2019

Picking the FB50 smart lock (CVE-2019-13143)

… and lessons learnt in IoT security

05 Aug, 2019

Return Oriented Programming on ARM (32-bit)

Making stack-based exploitation great again!

06 Jun, 2019

My setup

My daily drivers—hardware, software and workflow

13 May, 2019

Python for Reverse Engineering

Building your own disassembly tooling for — that’s right — fun and profit

08 Feb, 2019