I often get asked about my computing setup—my computers, the software I run on them, how I host my services, and other choices of personal technology. This is a relatively up-to-date list detailing what I’m currently using.

personal laptop (lapis)

My primary laptop that I use for everything non-work is my Asus ROG Flow X13 (2021). It’s got a Ryzen 9 5900HS, Nvidia GTX 1650 Max-Q, 32GB of RAM and a 1TB SSD. I bought this machine in early 2022, when I was working remotely as a contractor. The 4K display doesn’t help with its battery life (about 7 hours) but it looks absolutely fantastic.

flow x13 at oodi

This laptop currently runs NixOS. I would ideally like to run OpenBSD, but I figured I’d make use of its GPU for the occasional game and run Linux instead; NixOS just seemed like the least-shit choice. I like its declarative approach to system configuration, but I won’t pretend—I’d have much preferred a more sane language like Lua.

Other software I use on this machine:

work laptop (kvothe)

For work, I use a 14” M1 MacBook Pro. I use nix-darwin to configure most of my basic applications (neovim, tmux, bash, …). Software of note:

homelab k3s cluster

3-node K3s cluster:

More info at

other technology

Some hardware and software that are in frequent use across all my devices: